Lalubhai Travels in Ahmedabad bids Tempo Traveler on rent in Ahmedabad to Outside cities as per the opted tour packages.

We have various species of Tempo Traveler for Rental basis in Ahmedabad to Outskirt visits, a club tour, companion  Tour, wedding purpose tour with Lalubhai Travels.

 We contain the species of  11 Seater Tempo Traveler, 17 Seater Tempo Traveler, 20 Seater Tempo Traveler, etc.


Traveling within the city, especially in an Indian Rickshaw, is like harrowing for those who use it daily.

You could be moving within the town, or trying to get out of the town boundaries for an excursion or conference. Crouching for hours in your vehicle with barely any compartment to extend your limbs – is extremely a trash of eternity and stamina!

 So why not reserve a tempo traveler and travel in perfect solace?

About the  Tempo traveler :

Tempo traveler is an amenity automobile that may saddle up to 30 people in one go.

Tempo Traveler features ample sprawling seats with considerable limb space and a huge boot to stock baggage.

The adequate tempo travelers also accentuate a recreation system, catastrophe exit, and defense kit.


The need to rent a tempo traveler :

Hiring a Tempo Traveller is a tremendous traveling choice for factions of people ranging from 10 to 15. The tempo traveler is an excellent antidote to both lengthy and small expanse journeys.

 Each individual usually pursues satisfaction and considerable limb area while touring, particularly over extended lengths. We ensure that you don’t feel the exhaustion of a long voyage because you are comfortably seated and possess sufficient area to spread your limbs even when settled.

Hire the traveler as your own, whenever and for wherever you want.

Lalubhai travelers, service providers do not question themselves about why you require the vehicle. If the occurrence licenses it then you must hire a tempo traveler in your town, just go along and get the bookings done.

Below mentioned are some occurrences to do the bookings of a tempo traveler:


  • Office trips
  • Wedding
  • Voyage
  • Picnic
  • Outing
  • Getaway on the weekend


The kind of tempo traveler you need to hire :

The adequate aspect of trotting a tempo traveler is that you can conserve your private area in an elegant automobile.

 At Lalubhai Travels, we offer various Tempo travelers.

 You can select between air-conditioned or Non-Air conditioned tempo travelers from our agency.

 All the tempo travelers are ideally large vehicles for small or longer-distance outings or any distinct trips.

 We can assure you of security and solace during the trip since all tempo travelers are checked and serviced before being hauled to customers.


At Lalubhai Travels, we give a line of tempo travelers manufactured by various companies that are operated by voyage agencies across the country.


 The numerous tempo traveler seating capacities

at Lalubhai Travels are :


 We overture tempo traveler bookings for automobiles with various seating capacities.

People can book several species of tempo travelers like 11,14,17 seaters, 20 seaters, etc.

Select a listing tempo traveler with an adequate sitting facility and book it online through our website.


About the drivers :

At Lalubhai Travels, we acknowledge furnishing our consumers with a comfortable and optimistic trip.

This starts with appointing an experienced, and sympathetic driver to your tempo traveler.

Be convinced about the driver’s certifications and promptness when you hire a tempo traveler from us.


Additional Features :

Solitary from thoughtful drivers, additional aspects are taken into consideration while you hire a tempo traveler. The assistance on request changes from one tempo traveler to another, depending on the capacity and type of tempo traveler.


Book a tempo traveler  from us and encounter the subsequent services guaranteeing a prosperous journey :

  • Seats that can easily be pushed back.
  • Fresh and sanitized covers of the seat.
  • First Aid Kit
  • Song Player (optional)
  • Decent space for luggage.


For the most popular Indian city Ahmedabad, thoroughfare travel is the bare alternative in the dearth of a metro or bus.

To avoid excessive traffic congestion and to travel economically, people can easily get a tempo traveler booked from our services.

 It enables you to wander into a company and prevent swarmed municipal vehicles very conveniently.

It conserves both wealth and eternity and is also a great way to explore.

People can effortlessly choose for tempo traveler assistance using a responsible aid provider like us who help to connect its users with numerous travel guides through our online portal.

Remembering in psyche the prevailing pestilence scenario, we also give a guarantee to our customers and retailers for sanity inside the tempo traveler. It lessens the probability of getting contaminated.


Mask during the times of pandemic is a compulsory feature for all sisters and personnel providing the services.

All automobiles including tempo travelers on rent are deeply strained and decontaminated to prevent any diseases.

Sanitizers are now the basis of the essential extras in the list and are trying to be provided on all automobiles.

People are expected to carry their coverings in case they crave one.

Here are extraordinary voyage cues that will assist you to make the maximum of your tempo traveler rent served using Lalubhai Travels.

Always correlate the prices from numerous agencies before using Lalubhai Travels, before you finalize your booking.

 This will help you recoup a reasonable amount of wealth.

It is advised to keep a water bottle along with you and also carry snacks when touring during the prevailing pestilence scenario to avert any useless connection with nonnatives.

When intending a trip to an outstation using a tempo traveler on rent, one should survey for the climate situations and cram their apparel consequently.

It will be great if you are conscious of your private luggage in congested locations.

Have a Happy, Safe, and comfortable journey with us!!


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