Kite Museum in Ahmedabad 2019

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Kite Museum in Ahmedabad – Ahmedabad is a metropolis located in Guarjat which is known countrywide for its kite festival, also the process of making a kite. If you want to see the history that associates with the kite in Gurajat—Kite museum is where to visit—it is one of the top tourist destinations in Ahmedabad. The museum is located in the interior of the historic Sankar Kendra structure.

Kite Museum, Ahmedabad History.

The museum possesses different astonishing types of the kite of various unique colors, sizes, and shapes. The idea of the kite museum was created by a man called Bhanu Shah in 1984. He contributed all his favorite kites to the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation which give birth to the Patang kite museum that has attracted millions of tourist and visitors all over the world.

The museum structure which was designed by a French architect named Le Corbusier has many different sections of interest from the natural history to the workshop area, storehouse, and tradition open area.

Kites in the Museum.

The kites come in distinct sizes from large to medium made from materials of paper, nylon, polyethylene, and cotton.
Another gorgeous type of kites that can be found in the kite museum is the hexagonal designed Japanese kites called Rokuku. Rokuku is one of the most popular you can see in the museum; it came with the brilliant colors stylishly decorated making it attractive and colorful to behold creating great memories for both adults and younger ones alike.

Other types of kites in the museum are also crafted in various sequences in Garba dance, mirror work, and systematic block prints.

The Radha Krishna contains miniature paintings which are beautifully crafted. You can also get various types of sequence kites crafted in Garba to correlate with the Krishna designs.
These kites are made beautiful in their large sizes up to 22 by 18 feets height, big enough to adorn the sky in its beauty.

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